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Damien Flood : The Figure in the Carpet @ Green on Red

Damien Flood’s solo exhibition The Figure in the Carpet at Green on Red is accompanied by a publication with texts from Sue Rainsford and Declan Long.

This was intended as an inquiry into matter: its behaviours both metaphysical and molecular, the material prospects of its gauzy weave.

This was intended as an inquiry into why certain components amalgamate, and why certain components later come apart.

To begin with, there was a space containing several assemblages.
From these assemblages, we took samples. From these samples, we intended to extrapolate slivers of analysis that would later see an argument cohere. Later, when they were placed, cleanly and serviceably, side by side, we were certain their meaning would become palpable. At that time, that later time, their meaning would find itself unable to resist assembly.

In short, we were confident these assemblages would be governed by the usual push and pull of a rigorously orchestrated inquiry, and so we commenced to chip and hack.

Quickly, however, it became apparent that where meaning came away it came away in coarse and brittle fragments.
It became apparent that ‘meaning’ was shards of rockface whose edges never realigned.

The feeling of these shards is the feeling of gums crowded and made sore by too many teeth.

Despite the length and breadth of the analysis conducted, this is all I can speak to now.
This too-full mouth feeling.

figure flood.jpg
Sue Rainsford