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Rosebud @ The Library Project

This exhibition, which focuses on private and public forms of ‘manifesto’, was accompanied by a special issue of The Fold, featuring an essay entitled slip song by Sue Rainsford.

Read an excerpt below:

This is a story I tell myself to keep warm.

This story is a blanket, a quilt and a shawl.

It’s a totem that shrouds my precise length and breadth.

It’s a long letter sent in parts, a half-circle grown around me like a fortune-telling deck of cards.

It’s made of pages of different sizes. An assortment of scraps I keep close to my bed.

I used to sleep with it tucked inside my pillowcase but it’s too thick now, too long.

I’ve read it so many times that it’s often breaking, often slowing down. Tripping over itself and needing to be lifted. 

Sue Rainsford