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Fiona McDonald: Gateways @ RAC off site exhibit, Boyle House

A text by Sue Rainsford written in response to these works in progress accompanies the exhibit.

Gateways an exhibit by Fiona Mc Donald was commissioned by Linda Shevlin Roscommon Arts Center for an off-site space at King House Boyle. McDonalds recent works explore live networks & the idea of making scientific data systems more visible. One strand of her research involves developing data driven sculptural works which respond to real time satellite data. Using custom designed hardware and software, these works track the position of recently detected transient astronomical events. These new works incorporate sophisticated handcraft and innovative technologies, fabricated and found materials, knowledge and intuition. After a number of visits to Boyle Roscommon a number of new works were created which contemplate both real and fictional communication systems.

Sue Rainsford